Bra Size Calculator UK:- Fill in details below and get perfect bra size.

Bra Size Calculator


Bra size calculator Uk

Bra Size Calculator UK

Bra size calculator UK is an effort to help women of today to get their exact or say perfect bra size. This calculator prevents sagging of bust. This gives women lots of comfort and confidence all day long for their day to day activities.

Bra size calculator UK totally eliminate the hassle of changing bra again and again in the trial room. This calculator gives the freedom of choosing right bra for yourself at first sight.

You don’t need to listen unpleasant words from the shopkeeper like “These ladies don’t know even their own size” .However they don’t know the fact that bra size of ladies keep changing and they need to measure it in a time span of 6 to 12 months.

With the help of Bra Size Calculator UK you get your perfect bra size automatically just by filling your band size and bust size. So much easy.

No matter, the name of our Bra calculator is “Bra Size Calculator UK” it gives sizes of many countries including UK, US, AUS, NZ, and EU countries so one may also call it Bra size calculator universal.


Why Wearing a Perfect Bra is Perfect for You

  • Conceal nipples for modesty.
  • Impede sagging of breasts with proper support from the right bra achieved with a bra calculator.
  • Control sweating under the breasts.
  • Avoid pain by wearing the right size with the help of a bra calculator.
  • Support breasts of busty women as well as prevent back and spine issues.
  • Comfort during daily activities or exercise from the right bra, by using a bra calculator to get the right size.
  • An improper bra can also cause Breast Cancer.
  • Handy during breastfeeding.
  • Enhance cleavage and promote larger breast appearance.
  • Give a sense of style and fashion.

Utilizing a Bra Size Calculator UK

A bra size that’s too large or too small causes great inconvenience and can pose many health problems. Hence, it is important to make use of a bra size calculator UK in getting the perfect bra.

  • Bra size calculator UK
    Bra size calculator UK

How to Get Your Band Measurement

Wrap a measuring tape around your ribcage, evenly placed right under your bust. It should be comfortably snug. Round the answer to the nearest whole number. If you get an even number, then this is your band size, which you will use later on in the bra calculator. So if you initially measure 30 that’s it ! However, if it’s an odd number, you need to add 1 and the sum will be your band size. If your measurement is 31, then your band size is 32. Jot this down for later use in the UK bra size calculator.

How to Get Your Cup Measurement

Wrap the measuring tape around your chest, loosely and comfortably in such a way that it goes over the fullest and biggest part of your bust at nipple level. Round it of to the nearest whole number. Jot it down for later use in the bra calculator.

How to Get Your Cup Size with a Bra Size Calculator UK

Subtract your band size from your cup size, simply follow the bra calculator formula:

Cup Measurement – Band Measurement = The Right Cup and Perfect Bra Size

You can also fill in your size details in Bra Size Calculator UK and this will give your exact bra size automatically.

No mathematical calculations needed.

Bra Size Calculator UK Measurement Chart

The difference (inches) – UK cup size in inches

0 or less than 1 – AA
1 – A
2 – B
3 – C
4 – D
5 – DD in UK (DD or E in US)
6 – E in UK (DDD or F in US)
7 – F in UK (DDDD or G in US)
8 – FF in UK (H in US)
9 – G in UK (I in US)
10 -GG in UK (J in US)


31 inches Cup Measurement – 30 inches Band Size = 1 inch equivalent to A Cup Size.

You need to add 4 to your band size,
UK Bra Size Calculator result: Your perfect bra size is 34A.

34 inches Cup Measurement – 32 inches Band Size = 2 inches equivalent to B Cup Size. Now add 4 to your band size.
UK Bra Size Calculator result: Your perfect bra size is 36B.

Bra Size Calculator UK

Benefits of wearing a bra (Why women wear Bra ?)

Women wear bras for many reasons in accordance to society’s standards, while some may not due to personal preferences. However, wearing a bra actually accounts for quite a number of great benefits. These are outlined here, along with how you can come up with your perfect bra size with a bra size calculator UK, and its importance to your overall well-being.

The Importance of Wearing the Perfect Bra Size

It is essential to wear the right type of bra with the help of a bra calculator for balancing weight on your upper body, where about 80% of your breast weight is held by the band, and the rest is handled by your shoulders through the straps. It is best to have yourself fitted and utilize a bra calculator within a time frame of 6-12 months due to body changes you constantly undergo.

Wearing an ill-fitting bra not only causes discomfort, but can bring about a painful neck and shoulders since most of the weight is put upon them instead. Without the use of a bra calculator, headaches and breathing problems can be brought about by a badly fitted bra. It could even restrict lymphatic flow which is associated with a higher risk for breast cancer. An accurate bra size calculator UK will help you find the perfect fit. One that will not leave marks anywhere and does not feel tight, and is healthy for you and your breasts. To top it off, one that would produce a better silhouette of your body and clothes would look a lot better on you, making you feel beautiful inside and out !